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15853 OLDEN ST. P.O. Box 9203
SYLMAR, CA 91342
Telephone: 818-364-1611
Fax: 818-367-3014
Product Name: (trans id 3209586) SPEARS LABWASTE CPVC
Model Number(s): PIPE: 1-1/2" through 8", FITTINGS: PP or PVDF to CPVC Coupling, P099-XXXC; Coupling, P100-XXXC; Adapter - FPT X hub, P101-XXXC; Increaser / Reducer - all hub, P102-XXXC; Trap Adapter - Male spigot X slip, P103-015C; Cleanout Adapter - spigot X FPT, P105-XXXC; Cleanout Plug - MPT, P106-XXXC; Flush Bushing - spigot X hub, P107-XXXC; Male Adapter - MPT X hub, P109-XXXC; Counter Sunk Plug - MPT, P110-XXXC; CAP - Socket, P116-XXXC; 1/4 Bend - all hub, P300-XXXC; 1/4 Bend - spigot X hub, P302-XXXC; 1/4 Bend Long Sweep - all hub, P304-XXXC; 1/4 Bend spigot X hub, P309-XXXC; 1/6 Bend - hub X hub, P319-XXXC; 1/6 Bend - hub X spigot, P320-XXXC; 1/8 Bend- all hub, P321-XXXC; 1/8 Bend - spigot X hub, P323-XXXC; 1/16 Bend - all hub, P324-XXXC; 1/16 Bend - spigot X hub, P326-XXXC; Double 1/4 Bend- all hub, P327-XXXC; Vent Ell - all hub, P331-XXXC; Vent Ell - hub X spigot, P333-015C; Sanitary Tee - all hub, Sanitary Tee - all hub, P400-XXXC; Sanitary tee - Reducing - all hub, P401-XXXC; Double Sanitary tee - all hub, P428-XXXC; Double Sanitary Tee - Reducing - all hub, P429-XXXC; Vent tee - all hub, P441-XXXC; Flush Cleanout Tee - hub X hub X FPT, P445-XXXC; Double FiXture Fitting - all hub, P500-XXXC; Combination Wye & 1/8 Bend - all hub, P501-XXXC; Combination Wye & 1/8 Bend - Reducing - all hub, 502-XXXC; Combination Wye & 1/8 Bend - Two Piece - all hub, P503-060C; Combination Wye & 1/8 Bend - Two Piece - Reducing - all hub, P504-XXXC; Double Wye & 1.8 Bend - all hub, P507-XXXC; 45 degree Wye - all hub, P600-XXXC; 45 degree Wye - Reducing - all hub, P601-XXXC; Double Wye - all hub, P611-XXXC; Double Wye - Reducing - all hub, P612-XXXC; Return Bend - all hub, P700-XXXC; Tail Piece adapter w/Plastic Nut - spigot X slip, P704P-015C; P-Trap, w/solvent weld joint - all hub, P706X-XXXC; P-Trap w/cleanout - all hub, P707X-015C; P-Trap w/Plastic Nut - all hub, P708P-XXXC; L.A. Pattern P-Trap w/Plastic Nut - hub X slip w/plastic nut, P711P-015C; Closet Flange, P800-422; Floor Drain w/CPVC Grate, LW1500-XXXC; Floor Drain w/Stainless Steel grate, LW1500-XXXS; Floor Drain w/Stainless Steel Plug, LW1510-XXXS; and Flange - Van Stone Style - socket, 854-XXXC NOTE: XXX = different size code designation
Product File No: 20190036